rising of the shield hero episode 2 review

episode 2 begins with our hero purchasing a slave and it delves into her backstory her name is raphtalia a demi human ledgend says the sheild hero is very kind to demi humans and she begins to trust him especially after he gives her food her last owner was abusive. after the first wave her family was killed by a dog this episode ends with a similar dog attacking them and she kills it to save naofumi .

i did enjoy the episode but i feel it could have been shorter but at the same time im glad it wasnt shorter there was always enough to keep your attention but it wasnt overbearing with backstory the pacing has been done extremely well which makes sense because episode 1 was twice as long im excited for episode 3 and when its done ill read the manga and maybe my views will change and ill do an update but so far it is a must watch anime of 2019

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