my thoughts on The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 3

This episode brought us the first wave i wasn’t sure what to expect but the action was in full force this episode. Naofumi  and Raphtalia have amazing chemistry in combat and his shield skills are amazing the other three “heroes” are still unbearable the spear one flirted with Raphtalia he is also the one who got the girl who accused Naofumi of rape and she wasn’t too happy about the flirting im expecting him to get accused next. during the invasion they faced bees,zombies and im not really sure what this thing was so i’ll just say it was an undead troll or giant. the best kill in the episode is from Naofumi’s shield skills and Raphtalia wanting to protect him no matter what obstacle is in the was was definitely the highlight they saved a village while the other three defeated the wave boss a manticore which honestly since they didnt show much of it the boss just seems to appear then get combo’d into defeat wish there was more to say about the main event of the wave that was the only disappointment of the episode in my opinion

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